Before & After, improving old ads by using a combination of creativity and AI. πŸš€

By Olga

Feb 29, 2024

Introduction: When clients ask to explain how I can improve their current or old ads and make them more persuasive, catchy, and modern, it's challenging to put it into words. Words alone cannot capture the transformation these ads undergo, making it crucial to demonstrate the process visually. 🎨. This article demonstrates how we can use the same old content/copy and make it more converting and catchy.

Client Background: Our journey begins with a marketing agency specializing in recycling initiatives. πŸ”„ Despite their satisfaction with past campaigns, they sought to infuse a modern twist into their advertising efforts. 🌱 Our challenge was clear: maintain the essence of their successful ads while injecting fresh appeal.

🐢 Puppy Love Reimagined: The original ad featured an adorable puppy with soulful eyes. The image and copy worked really well but it was quite plain. 🐾 To elevate its impact, we thought that using a video of a puppy with its cute eyes and slightly improving the design of the bottom part would make it more appealing. πŸŽ₯ We used Runway AI to generate a 4-second puppy video, then improved the design of the bottom portion in Figma and combined everything in Adobe After Effects. 5 hours later, we have the ad below:

♻️ Trash to Treasure: The second best performer was an ad with the recycling bin and catchy phrases. While the copy resonated with audiences, the visuals needed a modern makeover. πŸ’«

Probably the most used tool for things like this is Midjourney β€” I use it to generate various images instead of using stock images platforms. It allows us to be more precise with generating, for example, models for ads that resonate well with the target audience. It allows for better diversity, style, and setup in general. It did really well generating some very specific food images.

Back to the recycling ad πŸ”„ - we have generated 3D images of the bin and foods over the white background. Then we removed the background in Photoshop and placed them into our ads in Figma. A few hours and layers of images later, using Figmotion plugin, we have created an effect of food waste "flying" into the recycling bin πŸ–ΌοΈ. The result you can see below:

Below are additional ads crafted using AI tools and common design software like Figma and Adobe Illustrator. Each ad typically takes 3 to 5 hours to create.


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